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AgRural Commodities Agrícolas is a Brazilian agricultural consultancy established in Curitiba, Paraná, since 1996. It provides market information/analysis and ag marketing consulting services for farmers and ag companies in 12 Brazilian states, which represent about 90% of the country’s corn and soybean production.

AgRural has a wide and reliable network of farmers, agronomists, cooperatives and trading firms all over the country that helps anticipate the main trends of the Brazilian market. For that reason, AgRural is also a top data and analysis provider of Brazilian corn and soybean production forecasts, crop progress surveys, and farmer selling pace for a broad audience around the world, who receive the Brazilian Update reports, our service in English, every week and month. Farmers, traders, importers, exporters and government agencies in South America, United States, Europe and Asia are among AgRural’s clients.

Would you like to learn more about our Brazilian Update reports before subscribing to our service in English? These are some samples:

Brazilian Update – Soybean and 1st Corn Crop Planting

Brazilian Update – Soybean Harvest and 2nd Corn Crop Planting

Brazilian Update – 2nd Corn Crop Harvest

Brazilian Update – Soybean Production Forecast

Brazilian Update – Conab x AgRural Production Forecast

Brazilian Update – Soybean Farmer Selling

Brazilian Update – Corn Farmer Selling

Brazilian Update – Weekly Export Sales

Brazilian Update – Monthly Export Sales

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