Brazil is now the world’s largest soybean and corn exporter. But there is too much noise about the country.

Do you know what really matters in Brazilian ag markets?

After consolidating as the world’s largest soybean producer and exporter, Brazil is now headed to become the global number one corn exporter. 

For that reason, and more than ever, there is a lot of headlines about Brazilian agriculture on social media and news outlets.

And this growth in information availability about Brazil is very welcome for those who operate in the international soybean and corn markets.

But what if part of all those headlines is biased or even untrue?

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Without first-hand information and in-depth analysis conducted by people who really understand Brazil, it is hard to see the Brazilian soybean and corn markets as they really are and to develop trade strategies involving those products.

Which of those analyses did you find for free on Google, early enough for you to use them to make a decision, or even in some boastful presentation of Brazilian sources that only show the victories, but not the struggles, of Brazilian agriculture?

Exactly. Not even one of them.

But know that AgRural’s clients in Brazil and around the world received all those analyses directly in their emails and used them to improve their decision-making process and their performance in soybean and corn markets.

All that with unbiased information and in-depth analysis that you can’t find for free on the Internet.

And that is possible because AgRural is not a brokerage or a trading company and doesn’t have any connections with farmers’ associations or government agencies. AgRural is a Brazilian private consultancy that has specialized, over its 27 years, in helping market players with their strategies using our own numbers and analysis for Brazilian soybeans and corn production estimates, planting and harvest progress, prices and farmer selling pace.

We combine nearly three decades of experience, hundreds of sources across the country and a deep understanding of the Brazilian markets that you can’t find on the Internet and that no artificial intelligence can analyze.

See the Brazilian ag markets in a different way: ours.

Swap all the noise out there for information and analysis that will really help you understand the Brazilian soybean and corn markets.

And that will make your decision-making much easier and more assertive.

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