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In a crop season like this, information and analysis are even more important


With only 3.4% of the intended area planted (click here to see the complete report), Brazil’s soybean planting pace was the slowest in a decade as of Oct 8. That means that Brazilian farmers will have to hurry as soon as weather conditions improve. But some problems are already irreversible: the second corn planting window will be narrower and Brazil will have virtually no soybeans to export in January.

From Brazil to the rest of the world

In a crop season like this, information and analysis are even more important. And that is what AgRural does best since 1996. We are a Brazilian consultancy that provides market information/analysis and ag marketing consulting services for farmers and ag companies in 12 Brazilian states, which account for about 90% of the country’s corn and soybean production. Farmers, traders, exporters, importers and government agencies in South America, United States, Europe and Asia are among AgRural’s clients.

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If you are interested in having an in-depth analysis of Brazil’s 2020/21 soybean crop every Friday in your email, but don’t want to subscribe to a full package, contact us at or +5541-99917-8748. For only $999, you will receive 22 weekly updates, between Oct 2020 and Apr 2021, with AgRural’s complete analysis of Brazil’s soybean planting and harvest progress, state by state.




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