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Brazil’s second corn crop has never attracted so much attention. Planted later than normal due to a delayed soybean crop, much of the 2021 “safrinha” corn will pollinate and fill grains in May and in the first half of June, when dry conditions in some states and freezing temperatures in others might take a toll on yields, adding drama to an already heated market, where spot prices have just reached BRL 100 per 60-kg bag, or about USD 7.50 per bushel – compared to USD 6 per bushel in Chicago.



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If you read the ag news and follow some key people and companies on social media, you already know all that, in general terms. But that depends, of course, on who you read and follow, since many people who have never set foot in Brazil have become, all of a sudden, “specialists” in Brazilian crops and markets.

If you need in-depth coverage of the Brazilian corn crop in order to plan and execute your market strategies, you have to understand the dynamics among the different producing states as the crop develops and heads into harvest.

And AgRural, a Brazilian consultancy with 25 years of experience in corn production, can help you with that.



Different states, different impacts
An eventual crop failure in Mato Grosso, where three-quarters of the potential production is already sold by farmers, is likely to have a big impact on Brazilian corn exports. Yield losses in Paraná, on the other hand, could spur larger Brazilian imports from Argentina. The harvest pace, depending on the state, will impact domestic logistics and also the ports movement. And so on.



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