8 de novembro 2017 |

The lack of moisture in some Brazilian states might result in less soybeans and maize in 2018


Brazilian farmers, especially in central states, have had a hard time planting soybeans this year due to the lack of moisture. Although recent rainfall has helped improve planting conditions, the soybean crop has poor stand in several areas, which might result in lower yields.

Also, many farmers in states such as Mato Grosso and Goias will not be able to plant their second maize crop within the optimal window, in January and February, since the soybean harvest will be delayed. The second maize crop, also known as “safrinha” (Portuguese for “small crop”), is planted right after the soybean harvest and, despite the name, now represents about two thirds of the Brazilian total maize production.



That being said, the question is: will Brazil be able to keep exporting soybeans and maize at the same strong pace seen in 2017?

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